Why ‘Rise and shine’ is important…​

Because getting up is the First TASK OF THE DAY… and if you get up successfully… you will have COMPLETED the first task of the day… that small sense of PRIDE in getting up (maybe even beating your alarm!) will SPUR YOU ON to successfully complete another task..

Whats next? making your bed? another easy succeed… preparing breakfast maybe?  and another; doing some Phys? then there is; planning your day, or reading your emails..

ALL these successfully completed tasks will reinforce success, you will feel good about yourself – you will gain a sense of pride, your day is way more likely to go your way because you will have a more positive attitude

Don’t underestimate the importance of the little things… or you won’t achieve the big things!

‘Be prepared!’

Not just the motto of the Scout Association…

The four ‘P’s as the Army call it

Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor performance

With the recent (although announced) advent of sever weather many people have been caught out with their lack of preparedness.. be it;

Poorly equipped – don’t leave home without some basics in this weather – you don’t know how long you will get stuck… whether (weather!) walking or driving. Some food, a drink a warm jacket and hat minimum – more if you are traveling in a car

Poorly prepared in skills – I have seen some absolute ‘corkers’ in poor driving skills since the snow arrived! Now is a great time to practice braking, stop start, hill starting etc at your local empty car park! How to use your car mats as snow channels etc

Poorly informed – check the weather – we have ultimate access to information at our fingertips with the advent of mobile technology – Make a plan – so you are stuck in traffic, gridlock.. who is going to pick the kids up? Traffic will be bad – plan an escape route to get back home… ‘What about my route?’ How many hills?!

It is called ‘contingency planning’ in the military – MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS THE PLAN! Get into the habit… not just for snow, for any of the many situations that could befall a family or individual from Fire to Zombie Apocalypse! (and while you are at it… get some First Aid skills under your belt too!)

Stay Safe… be prepared!